Cellar Contemporary will be excited to participate in the annual San Martino (dentro), celebration on November 11th 2023, with Tommaso Buldini.

After his great success during his previous performance with Colapesce, Tommaso Buldini will return to St. Martin's to celebrate the Feast of St. Martin (inside) with his brand new musical group, "Adamo Vision."

Their performance will take place at the bOOkique, an enchanting setting that has hosted extraordinary artistic events in the past. This performance will be the culmination of the current edition of the festival, maintaining the thread with the summer edition held in May 2023. During that extraordinary occasion, the gallery had given space to the extraordinary performance "Demoniaco" by Tommaso Buldini, in collaboration with the performance duo Plastikhaare and with a soundtrack sonorized by Colapesce and Mario Conte.

The Feast of San Martino (dentro) is an event that winds through the most unusual places in the neighborhood, revealing its soul and magic through a unique synergy of music, poetry, dance, art and installations. In this fascinating panorama of cultural offerings, Cellar Contemporary is proud to once again present Tommaso Buldini, an artist who continues to amaze and inspire with his creative vision and exceptional talent. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary artistic celebration during San Martino (dentro).