Society Risk Protection is an interdisciplinary project that gathers the works of visual artists, designers, painters and sculptors. Spied, observed and visible.

The constant modernization affecting contemporary society uses a very high level of technological progress applied to industrial realities that has fostered the increase of production and wealth but also the increase of control by states that undermine democracies and insinuate themselves into the private lives of citizens through technology.

Evolution, therefore, has led to an increase in the social production of "risk." Consequently, the individual deprived of his/her certain security constitutes collectives that rise up against the system; the soul of revolt involves and at the same time is stimulated by art and fashion, understood as a set of cultural elements and clothing aimed to reconsider the elements for the protection of the individual and their identity.

Protest demonstrations in recent years have increasingly affected conspicuous parts of the masses in a homogeneous way, fueling the creation of conglomerates in Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, and so on. This led us to reflect on the characteristics of a genre of clothing that will increasingly have connotations of protecting the person and his or her identity, as well as subverting and opposing the technological efforts mobilized by governmental systems of power to quell and keep in check such mass events.

Vexed Generation should be considered the forerunner brand in the creation of clothing designed to address an urban context compromised by air pollution, extreme surveillance, and restrictions on personal freedoms. The phenomenon in question is still expanding, and there are several designers and artists, whose practices investigate and explore realities in which the person's defense mechanisms take center stage, using accessories and clothing components that make use of the latest technologies. The goal is the protection of the person, especially for the purpose of safeguarding personal freedoms, opposed by technological tools or even to prevent the theft of sensitive data and information. A dystopian future in which the individual will increasingly move toward a single-identity dimension in which the need for concealment and camouflage will be accentuated by contrast and through the use of ad hoc artifacts that combine creativity and technology for the purpose of avoiding tentacular control.