On the occasion of the double solo exhibition of artists Erik Foss and Solomostry, Cellar Contemporary presents "Cacciatori di Nove," the first Italian edition in handcrafted ceramics by Erik Foss.

The American artist Erik Foss is known for his innovative approach toward contemporary art, particularly in the disciplines of painting, sculpture, and urban languages. On the occasion of the exhibition "Snakes and Shapes," which opened on October 5, 2023, he presented his new limited-edition ceramic collection consisting of five cobras.

Five new protagonists in Erik Foss's world are thus born. Five new cobra shaped sculptures, each made in one of the following colors: light blue, blue, gold, yellow and orange. These are five cobras who are actually hunters.
This is a limited edition of 8 of each color accompanied by certificate of authenticity from the artist.

The image of the snake is often used as a metaphor to describe negative feelings and actions, but at the same time, in many cultural contexts, it has great spiritual and religious significance. It is a symbol of duality and represents both transformation and knowledge and temptation and mischief.

Foss's sinuous cobras move with grace, showing off their forked teeth and hinting at a smile with their pointed tongues.These works seem to offer an interesting and very colorful representation of cobras, each with a distinct personality and meaning through

This unique project is a tribute to the Nove ceramic district and its artisans. Foss thus captures the essence of hunters through contemporary art.

"Cacciatori di Nove" by Erik Foss is a fascinating edition that challenges traditional perceptions of hunting and nature through contemporary art.