Nature as a way to be in touch with our body and interiority

Tublà da Nives - Selva di Val Gardena 22.12.2022 - 22.01.2023

Opening 22.12.2022 h 18:00 Finissage with workshop held by the artist 22.01.2023 h 15:00 The opening will be attended by the artist. The opening will be accompanied by some live musical interludes!

Margherita Paoletti's solo exhibition "Florilegio" at Tublà da Nives aims to investigate the research of the young artist - born in Fabriano in 1990 - starting from the beginnings, related to engraving techniques, to the most recent pictorial works based on the relationship between the female body, conceived as an organic container that encloses life, dreams, desires, memories and experiences, and the natural landscape.

For most of hers, the initial cue is the minimal silhouette of a female body or face, silhouettes that are obscure in that they often inhabit a monochromatic background that provides no further information about the subject, but not therefore devoid of clarity or impact. The elements within the bodies - a springtime of flowers, plants, warm colors and symbols, as opposed to the subject-container, are richly elaborated in squiggles of nature embedded within each other and on multiple levels, emphasizing the greater impact and fecundity of one's inner paradise than the outer world.

The intersection of these themes also gives rise to more experimental projects, such as the site-specific installation designed for Tublà's glass room, or like the body of works on paper "Sonde Croniche" premiered for the exhibition. With "Chronic Probes," the artist creates a fantastical alter ego named Lea, a contemporary warrior struggling to maintain the delicate balance between interiority and exteriority.

The exhibition itinerary unfolds through a selection of works that, due to their evocative power and variety, give rise to a true artistic Florilegio - precisely, a selected collection of works.

Margherita Paoletti is an artist and illustrator. She graduated from the European Institute of Design, in Illustration and Animation and attended courses at Central Saint Martins and BTK in Berlin. In 2016 she took part in art residency projects in Estonia and Japan, focusing on personal projects and exhibitions. In 2017 she moved to London where she worked as a creative designer and illustrator. The following year she returned to Italy, where she currently lives and works, between Fabriano - her hometown - and Rovereto - her adopted city.