APARTAMENTO | About Erik Foss

(http://) Foss, known for his artistic expression and stature, has been an enduring pillar of New York City's cultural landscape for decades. Having been raised by his mother and grandmother in the confines of a trailer park, Foss's artistic exploration spans a fusion of influences that include feminism, skateboarding, drug culture, and the enchanting world of pop culture films and of Saturday morning cartoons. Recently, Erik's giant grape-and-lime cobra paintings, which recall '70s van culture, caught the attention of streetwear icon Supreme, who used the design to great fanfare. Erik's work also attracted Takashi Murakami, the iconic artist behind the Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo, where Erik had his first solo exhibition in Japan last spring. In this article the journalist Hanavan asks the author some questions, allowing us to enter his world and his artistic life.