The Society of Tiredness is the artist residence at the Diocesan Museum where the artist is invited to reflect on contemporary man

In Salerno the project "Dispositio ex clausione linearum" was held in April, an artist's residence at the Diocesan Museum, which since 19 May has opened to the public with the exhibition of works produced, entitled The Society of Tiredness. The project was conceived by Marcello Francolini, Don Luigi Aversa (Director of the Diocesan Museum) and edited by Fabio Avella, president of the association Collaterart. For the show, the artists Antonio Finelli, Angelo Maisto and Dario Agrimi have been called to articulate a careful vision of contemporary man.

It was a job of isolation from the noise of today's society, that has been analyzed from different perspectives thanks to the participation of intellectuals, who have conducted meetings with the artists: the Director (Don Luigi Aversa); the psychologist (Dr. Lucio Buonomo); the anthropologist (Dr. Vincenzo Esposito); the theologian (Father Giuseppe De Vincentiis).

The final expression of the project is the big painting “The Society of Tiredness”, a triptych on table measuring 360 cm x 252 cm (made together by the three artists).

At the same time each artist made 10 individual works; every drawing was made on Amalfi paper, thanks to the contribution of the historical Amatruda paper mill.

Is it clear that the project also wants to build a bridge between art and contemporary Church, in such a way as to create an active participation of the ecclesiastical body in the patronage of present art.

Dario Agrimi, Antonio Finelli, Angelo Maisto
Curated by Marcello Francolini and Fabio Avella
Museo Diocesano di Salerno, Largo Plebiscito 12, 84121 Salerno (SA)