From "The Art Newspaper" article by Gabriella Angeletti, 08/11/2021.

The New York-based artist Lance De Los Reyes has died in 2021, aged 44.
The artist, who used the moniker Rambo, was best-known for his graffiti depicting upside-down crowns, a tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat, and the cryptic poems he painted on billboards and buildings across New York City. More recently in his practice, the artist had focused on large-scale abstract paintings.

De Los Reyes was born in Texas and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. He worked with Shepard Fairey in Southern California starting in the late 1990s and traveled with Fairey to New York in 2000.
In a statement published last week, Fairey recalls that he and the artist “did street art night and day for three days, napped for two hours and then started bombing again”.

“Lance was the most fun, fearless and spontaneous bombing partner ever,” Fairey adds. “Unfortunately, he was also reckless. Lance had been making his best art ever over the last couple of years, and I was very happy that he seemed to be in a healthy groove. I guess it didn’t last.”
The curator and art dealer Destinee Ross-Sutton, who organised a solo exhibition of the artist’s work this summer, says De Los Reyes was “a most remarkable being on a very clear mission, who didn’t make art for money and saw himself as a messenger trying to tell us something—to open our eyes”.

Solo Exhibitions


  • Lance De Los Reyes: Gifts of TelepathyVito Schnabel Gallery, Old Santa Monica Post Office, NY,United States


  • Lance De Los Reyes, Vito Schnabel Gallery, New York, NY, United States


  • Lance De Los Reyes - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, The Hole NYC, New York City, NY, United States

  • Lance de Los Reyes - Multiple Dialogues, Ober Gallery, Kent, CT, United States

Group Exhibitions


  • Lance de los Reyes: PAST is PRESENT is FUTURE, Ross-Sutton Gallery, New Tork, United Sates


  • Berlin Showroom, Circle culture Gallery, Berlin, Germany


  • Grand Opening in the Meatpacking District, Allouche Gallery, New York City, NY, United States


  • Charmed, Shoot The Lobster, New York City, NY, United States

  • Radiate - Meta Energies In Contemporary Art, Circleculture Gallery, Berlin, Germany 

  • Radiate - Meta Energies In Contemporary Art, Circle Culture Art GmbH, Berlin, Germany

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Messengers, 2019

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No Fear, 2019

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Portals, 2019

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Events, Posted on 29/01/2023


by cellar contemporary

Cellar Contemporary sarà presente alla 46esima edizione di **Arte Fiera** con uno stand dedicato a Donald Baechler e la scuola di New York assieme ai lavori di Lance De Los Reyes e Brian Belott.

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