Cellar Contemporary is a project by Davide Raffaelli in collaboration with Camilla Nacci, which offers a contemporary vision through the promotion of young artists.

It combines a space located in the old district of San Martino with an online space, which reinvent the concept of art gallery through the coexistence of physical and virtual dimensions.

Cellarcontemporary.com offers an innovative experience, interaction and acquisition of artworks and not only. Cellar Concemporary is also realizing exclusive external collaborations to create artist’s objects in limited edition.

We believe that art can be one of every-day things, always searching for new public, following the same purpose that made Keith Haring open his Pop-shop in 1986. Not by chance we chose Joe Grillo for our first exhibition: eccentric, eclectic, he is an artist that - through the collaboration with Laura Grant and the art-collective Dearraindrop - customizes and transforms everything in art. Our projects are many, but - as Joe him- self says - a magician doesn’t divulge all their secrets, right?